How Much Does it Cost To Fix a Transmission?

We look forward to helping you get your transmission repaired and working like new. Below are some common repairs you may need, but stop by and we'll take a look to discover the specific issue you may have. Contact us with a description of your issue to get an exact cost to fix your transmission.

Leaking Transmission Fluid

The transmission fluid pan acts as a fluid reservoir for the transmission. The pan is removable from the transmission and is separated by a gasket. A common leak on the transmission is the fluid pan gasket. Most fluid pan gaskets are easily changed.

The transmission cooler line carries transmission fluid to the radiator or transmission cooler of the vehicle. The cooler lines are usually made out of rubber with metal lines crimped on the ends. This allows the hose to flex. Once a cooler line begins to leak, it should be replaced.

Complete Transmission Fluid Flush

Transmission services can be performed in one of two ways, or both. The transmission pan can be removed and the fluid drained and filter replaced, or a machine can be hooked up to to exchange all of the fluid in the transmission.

With a machine flush, normally one of the transmission cooler lines is disconnected. The machine inlet is hooked up to the cooler line and the machine outlet is connected to the transmission cooler. Then engine is then started and the transmission pump circulates the old fluid into the machine, while new fluid is pushed into the transmission. Once fluid returning to the machine is clean, the exchange has been completed. The machine is then disconnected and the transmission cooler line reattached.

Clutches & Manual Transmissions

A manual drivetrain is composed mainly of the clutch system and the manual transmission. The clutch system is made up mainly of a flywheel, clutch disc and pressure plate. When the clutch is engaged, the clutch disc makes contact with the pressure plate and flywheel and power is sent to the transmission. When the clutch is disengaged, the disc does not make contact and the engine spins independent. The manual transmission is composed of gears, synchronizer rings, shift forks and bearings. It makes the engine's powerband more useful when driving.

 As the clutch deteriorates over time and use, the vehicle will reach a point where it will not move at all and the clutch will need to be replaced.

... And Other Transmission Problems

If you are experiencing an issue with your clutch, a shudder, a 'hard shift', or other drivetrain problems, we can diagnose what ails you. Give us a call and we'll let you know if its something safe to drive in to the shop, or if we need to come get it.