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Sidewall punctures cannot be repaired for two reasons. Firstly, when the sidewall of the tire is punctured, the sidewall structure is weakened and is more susceptible to blowouts. A patch or a plug does not reinforce the structure. Secondly, the constant flexing of the sidewall would cause a patch or plug to eventually fail, resulting in an air pressure leak.

We will let you know what kind of damage you have and whether you need to repair or replace your tires.

Punctured Sidewalls

Tread Seperation

Tire separation is a condition when the tread becomes separated from the steel belts. It normally creates a bump in the tread, and can be heard as a thumping noise while driving. Once tire separation is detected, tires should be replaced immediately as it is a potentially dangerous problem.

Wheel Balance & Vibrations

When new tires are mounted onto a wheel, there are usually small weight variations in one part of the tyre relative to the other parts. At certain speeds, this imbalance causes the tyre to vibrate up and down, shaking the vehicle and often causing a vibration in the steering wheel.

The contact patch - or the part of the tire that is in contact with the road - also varies in size when the wheel is shaking, potentially reducing the vehicles grip on the road.

Other Tire Problems?

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