Brakes & Oil Changes

Regular oil changes will improve your vehicle's overall health, performance, and trade-in value. We will check your air filter, change your oil, run a quick diagnostics, and make multi-point inspections to make sure everything is running in tip-top shape.

Most brake systems use a layout comprising the pedal, a booster, master cylinder, hydraulic lines and hoses, and calipers or wheel cylinders. These apply pressure to a pad coated in friction material so that it pushes against a rotating disc or drum. Each of these systems needs to be monitored and replaced periodically - stop on by for a checkup!

Suspension & Steering

The suspension system consists of a spring, a shock or strut, control arms, control arm bushings, a wheel bearing, and ball joints. When one of these parts breaks down your vehicle may handle roughly, lean to one side, or worse. 

The steering system on a car normally consists of a steering rack and pinion, inner and outer tie rods and a steering knuckle. In a truck, the suspension system consists of a steering gear, pitman and idler arm and inner and outer tie rods. Our ASE Certified® technicians will be able to determine and alert you to any failure.

Safety & Emissions Testing

You need to test your vehicle if it is a gas-powered vehicle 1996 and newer or diesel powered vehicle 1997 and newer that weighs 8,500 pounds or less. The Department of Revenue sends vehicle registration in the mail 60 days before license plate expiration.

Odd vehicle model years test in odd years. Even vehicle model years test in even year. There are a few special exemptions, you can read them on the official GVIP program page.

Windshield Wipers & Batteries

When wiper blades become worn, they are unable to clean the windshield properly and usually cause streaking on the windshield. Severely worn wiper blades skip across the windshield leaving streaks and portions of the windshield uncleaned. Worn wiper blades can result in poor visibility and should be replaced right away.

A battery is full of thin lead plate grids filled with a paste of active material made up of red lead and sulfuric acid. This active material slowly disintegrates as the battery is charged and discharged, causing the battery to become weak. The average life of an automotive battery is about 3 to 5 years, with life being reduced by extreme temperatures and frequent short journeys.

If your battery has become a concern, let us test it for you!

Pre-Purchase & Pre-Trip Inspections

This is perhaps our favorite task. A pre-purchase inspection is an opportunity for us to provide great value to our customer by making sure the vehicle you are about to buy has no hidden flaws waiting to emerge. We take great pride in helping you get a great deal.

Also, before you head cross-country on family vacation or perhaps a business trip, let us make sure your vehicle is up to the task with a pre-trip inspection! Everyone will rest easier knowing the tires, brakes, steering, and powertrain are ready to go the distance.