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Tim ,
I just had to take a minute out and send you this note , I just needed to stop and thank you for everything you've done for me over the past few months .

You and your guys on probably no less than six occasions have gone above and beyond what was deemed necessary to make sure that my vehicles were back on the road , from the personalized service of Grant hand delivering my sprinter turbo to the middle of nowhere to be repaired to not laughing at me when I didn't know how to shift my truck out of four-wheel-drive!

As we've discussed and you well know, if the trucks not running I'm not making money and if my play cars aren't running I'm not happy ...
Thanks to you , my clients are happy because I can make it to the jobs and they're keeping me too busy doing joy may play cars , so I needed to just take a moment and tell you thanks , The work is always top notch , The price is always fair and the guys don't make too much fun of my stupid questions !

Thank you ,
Mark Schmidt
Schmidt Contracting Co.