How Much Do Engine Repairs Cost?

Engines come in two main types: gasoline and diesel. There's a number of compenents that affect the final cost of a repair such as the engine block, crankshaft, connecting rods, pistons and the cylinder head. Other components attached to the engine like the timing belt, accessory drive belt and variable valve timing system are included in this section. Below are some of the more common repairs and their relative cost analysis from minor to major.

Serpentine Belts

Potentially Minor Repair

The serpentine belt drives the accessories attached to the engine, such as the alternator, power steering pump, AC compressor, and water pump and radiator fan. Some vehicles use a single belt to drive all pulleys, whereas other vehicles may have two or three belts to drive different components.

Belts can become cracked over time, however newer belt designs do not crack when worn - instead the grooves on the belt become wider, potentially resulting in squealing noises as the belt goes around the pulleys. A broken belt can result in the vehicle being undriveable. Without the alternator, the battery becomes drained quickly. Steering becomes heavy with the power steering pump, and if the water pump is not turning, the vehicle will overheat quickly.

Diesel Glow Plugs

Minor Repair

A diesel engine does not use spark plugs to ignite the fuel/air mixture inside the cylinder, instead it relies on the heat produced by compression to ignite the fuel/air mixture.  In cold temperatures, a diesel engine cannot produce sufficient heat to start, so a glow plug is needed to aid in the starting process.

Oil Leaks

Minor to Major

Engine oil is vital in order to keep all moving parts in the engine cooled and lubricated. Seals and gaskets are used to prevent oil from leaking out where engine parts join and where covers are attached.

Gaskets and seals can fail for a variety of reasons, for example, as a result of frequent extreme temperature changes, prolonged lack of use leading to drying of rubber, or contaminants in fluids.

If found early, replacing gaskets and seals can be all that is required. If an engine experiences damage from low oil levels, resulting repairs can be much more extensive. Get it checked!

... And Other Engine Repairs

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